Academic Philosophy

Arithmetic and English Language Arts

These subjects qualify as rule-governed activities. If they are not taught accordingly, then their primary purpose in social existence falls apart. This common-sense approach fully accords with Scriptural principles about orderliness and authority. These subjects also abound with specific examples aimed at the development of Christian character.


With an academic emphasis on both secular and sacred history, the school teaches history as the historical unveiling of God’s plan for humanity, particularly in relation to humanity’s creation and fall, God's redemptive plan, and the fulfillment of God’s historical will and purpose in all realms of human experience.


Our science curriculum presents the universe as the direct creation of the God of the Scriptures, in comparison to humanly crafted ideas that make theoretical claims (often purported to be factual) about biological evolution. Further, our elementary curriculum presents God as the great Designer and Lawgiver, without whom nature's evident design and laws would be inexplicable.

Science is one way that humans can fulfill the Genesis mandate to subdue the earth, exercising dominion over it in a manner that signifies one's understanding of scientific laws and humanity's influence upon the earth, which has been both positive and negative throughout history.

Reading & Literature

Reading is given a great deal of importance in our curriculum because every individual in Western society should know how to read the Scriptures for themselves. Phonics is by far the most logical and orderly way to teach children to read English, which is an alphabetical language. At each grade level, the school carefully selects reading materials that extol Scriptural principles.


Bible could be considered to be one of the most important subjects in any Christian school, and students take Bible or a Scripture-oriented class each day at St. Paul's. This curriculum familiarizes students with both the Old and New Testaments, so that they can become both aware and knowledgeable of this ancient, scriptural text and tradition. Also, in the lower grades, such as in kindergarten and elementary classes, students sing songs and memorize poems that function as examples of Christian truth, honesty, purity, loveliness, and good news (Philippians 4:8).


Founded in 1988, St. Paul's Preparatory Academy is a non-denominational Christian school in Arlington, Texas, located close to Mansfield.  St. Paul's offers strong academics, a beautiful campus, affordable tuition, and a safe environment for children in early childhood through 12th grade.

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