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COVID-19 Update

by Gayla Rockwell

Dr. Kelly Victory on Covid-19 Watch a special video by Dr. Kelly Victory on Covid-19. Learn the truth about Covid-19 and children, masks, and social distancing.   Watch Now Latest News  Operating under the oversight of Faith...

News & InfoDec 1
Who's the Boss?

In your home and family, “Who’s the boss?”  Is it the 2 year old throwing a tantrum?  Is it the teen with a bad attitude because they’ve been corrected...

Parentingteens, parenting, bad attitudesAug 20
What I Learned Playing Sports

Here are some of the things that I learned while playing sports at St. Paul's and later on in college.

College, Higher Education, AthleticsDec 11
Maintaining Your Faith In College

Recently, I was asked, "How can Christian young people retain their faith in college while being faithful in living a moral, virtuous Christian life?"

College, Higher Education, Faith, Spirituality, ReligionNov 20

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